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. meanwhile, mitt romney keeps running away, away from his signature achievement as massachusetts governor. health care reform and the individual mandate. tonight we've got the m.i.t. professor who advised both president obama and mitt romney on health care, and he said, professor, they're the same bleeping bill. talk about stepping on your own message again. romney tried to take over the open mic moment but made a more damaging statement himself. that the russians are our number one the geopolitical faux. can you cool it with the evil empire talk, governor? and the latest information on the trayvon martin case. let's get everything we can tonight on the table. finally, let me finish tonight with mitt romney's declaration of hostility toward modern russia. we begin with day two at the supreme court. what a day. justice correspondent pete williams, was this a bad day at black rock for the president, to use an old movie title? >> a bad die at the day /* day at the white temple. >> yes, it wasn't a great day for the administration, chris. it's always risky to predict how the court is going to
will i cut in line at space mountain. then the romney campaign hits a speed bump, somebody make share that dog is still on the roof. and my guest dr. david page has new insights on the future of dna. yeah, yeah, yeah, dna. do we get flying cars or not. a canadian court has legalized brothels. but by the time all those layers of wall come off, the hour's up. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) , everybody. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you. >> stephen: thank you ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much. you're very kind. welcome to the report. good to you have with us. folks, i have to tell you, a day without you chanting is like a day without sunshine. last week i took a little break from the winter deep freeze down in the islands. i was sipping daiquiries on the beach, enjoying 84 degrees while you suckers were stuck here shivering your balls off in 82 degrees. (laughter) now spring has sprung a little early this
let the angling begin with romney's nomination most of the way in the bag, the campaign has to begin to start looking at that running mate. and we'll talk about that. and we are just starting gets in the war room. we want you to join us by going to current.com/thewarroom, and make your voice heard. pure friendship. pure delicious chocolate. i'm a lobster girl. top quality lobster is all we catch. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's lobsterfest. the only time of year you can savor 12 exciting lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream i'm laura mclennan and i sea food differently. >>> this is the most important issue of this election. it is one that encapsulates all of the issues that are at steak. >> not on that i agree with rick santorum, but actually he couldn't be more right when he says what an important issue health care is. tomorrow the arguments before the supreme court will be centered around the most fundamental issue of our constitution our election, the most fundamental issue that defines us as americans. so let's get on the balcony just a m
. in the rewrite tonight, fox news hat the biggest lie anyone has tried to tell about mitt romney. we will tell you that one tonight. >>> and later the president's position is now, you can call it obamacare, just don't call it unconstitutional. we will have the latest from inside of the supreme court today. as a chef we are always committed to our suppliers... you know, those farmers, those foragers, those fishermen... for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new location for my next restaurant. when we all come together, my restaurants, my partners, and the community amazing things happen. to me, that's the membership effect. >>> administration this week be forced to the admit to the supreme court the biggest secret about the president's health care bill, that they actually have no intention or any real mechanism for enforcing the individual mandate? if they do admit that, would that make the bill constitutional? we will ta
that mitt romney is a sucker for young adult films. all right. we'll see you back here tomorrow. stick around for "the daily rundown." >>> the supreme court hears arguments about the mandate. what does the court's recent history say about how they will vote this time? he stands by his words but as they pounce, a look back at how mike failed from over the years. plus, more than a decade into the war, more that two-thirds of americans think they shouldn't be there. it's tuesday, march 27th. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. a few more people are outside of the supreme court. welcome to the main event. in two hours the supreme court will turn to whether congress has the power to require almost all americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. the argument about the mandate is the core of the debate over the role of government which may be the most important question that the presidential election decides. and the argument that divides fairly neatly by party. yesterday, senate republicans railed against the requirement. >> it is a monumental, historic insertion of federal po
to jenny beth warren. do you think it was constitutional for governor romney to pass a law in massachusetts to require people to have health insurance? >> it was at the state level rather than the federal government. if that's what the people want in his state, i understand their right to choose to do that. i think the reason we're seeing that he's not the clear nominee at this point is because he passed that law in massachusetts. >> but what about if the united states congress wants something done. you said if the people of massachusetts want it. suppose the united states congress with 60 senators and the majority of house members and the president's sixth, they said they want health insurance for the country. we can't have a health insurance that's not a democratic thing, you say. if 90% of both houses of congress and the president approved something like this, if a republican president approved something like this, you still say it's unconstitutional? >> red, i've been on -- the majority of the americans don't want it and 70% say it's unconstitutional. the congress passed it against the
to what he considered a worst option to being proposed. mitt romney was making a similar argument. >> i know some people are saying, gee, your plan is not conservative. i'm saying, yes, it is. because right now in this country people who don't have health insurance go to the hospital if they get a serious illness and get. >> the only ones adjusted the mandate, even president obama once spoke out against it when he was a candidate against hillary clinton. now the 26 states challenging the health care law say that while the constitution gives the to regulate commerce, it gives no and in other words they can't force people to buy something they don't want to boy. the obama administration says the law regulates the entire health care market, something that eventually everyone is involved in. what did we learn out of day one? nearly all of the justices appear to think the penalty is not a tax. >> congress has nowhere used the word tax. what it says is penalty. and so why is this a tax? >> this is not a revenue-raising measure because if it's successful, nobody will pay the penalty and there
. all this comes as the cnn/orc poll shows mitt romney with a sizeable lead among registered republicans. he's now at 36%. rick santorum is slipping. these down to 26%. paul and gingrich remain well behind. our chief political analyst gloria borger is here. gloria, last month, as we know, santorum seemed to have a narrow lead. that's changed. what's going on? >> he had a two-point lead. it's very clear and obvious that the inevitability argument is beginning to take effect with republican voters. they believe that mitt romney's going to be the republican nominee and lots of them want to get in line behind someone they believe is a winner, and as you also point out, people want to see a mano a mano race now between rick santorum and mitt romney. they want to see it end in the primaries. our poll shows they do not want to take it to the convention, but i would argue that if rick santorum is going to get any kind of momentum given this poll, he has to start winning and i would think that next tuesday, wisconsin is a very important state for him to show that he can actually win another big s
'm carol costello. stories we're watching right now in the "newsroom." mitt romney probably won't be getting any endorsements from russia's president. not after this comment. >> this is to russia. this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. >> the russian president responded to that this morning responding to number one geopolitical foe. was it a cold war in here? news to dmitry medvedev with a new message for mitt romney. >>> high winds drive a fire wild in the rockies. at least one person is dead. several more have lost their homes and danger is on the move. trayvon martin case. deeper the investigation goes, the more complicated it gets. there's only one truth but at least two conflicting witness stories about what happened. >>> not a good time to be in the pink slime business. first the public recoils and then stores stop selling it and plant stops making it. >>> today is the day there could be fireworks at the u.s. supreme court. two years in the making. the key and most controversial part of president obama's health care law put to the test. >>> we begin with
. the alabama and mississippi primaries were last night and the stakes for romney were high or as mitt would say just the right height. because if he won either state he could dispel doubt about his appeal to conservatives and i would have to start loving him which, of course, i have do as long as i have no other choice but i do because after a week of candidates forcing cheesy grits down their throats and y'alls out of their throats the deep south has spoken and for once the nation could understand what they were saying. >> rick santorum's surprise in the south. he wins the alabama and mississippi primaries. >> mitt romney walks out in third place in alabama and mississippi. >> it's very clear that none of the candidates can sew up in this nomination before tampa. >> it means a long, slow painful slog toç this nomination. >> stephen: long, slow and painful. thairchl you jesus. this is great. the democrats had the same situation when they won last time in 2008. now republicans get that hillary versus obama magic minus any women or black people or magic. [ laughter ] folks, i'll tell you, why r
's? find out later in the show. >> why does mitt romney want to destroy his $12 million house? >> 8100 square feet! >> i'll tell you what, you might not believe what he's going to put in place of that house. it's unreal. you know what else it is? it's go time. >> now we find out from abc news in the in the trayvon martin case the 17-year-old african-american that was shot by george zimmerman where there's been no arrest, the leading investigator wanted to arrest zimmerman. he thought they had enough. he didn't believe zimmerman's account of the story. it was he leading the state investigation here, what little there was at the time, who said do not arrest him. so, that is a fascinating twist in this case we'll have to see where pressure comes on then to justify those decisions, and now that we know that, it's a terrific thing that wolfinger has stepped aside and there's now a special prosecutor following this case. the fact that the lead prosecutor wanted to arrest him that night is a very important development. that hasn't stopped the conservative attacks against poor trayvon martin.
struck down and he spent so much political capital. what are the politics for mitt romney? he was the root of this when the white house -- >> the godfather, the white house is saying. >> when the white house was looking for what to do, they went to massachusetts for the model. it wasn't politics. they liked the model and decided to pick it up. >> what's the plan b? the politics will be, what will washington do? what's the president going to do? >> if they they don't do anything. >> that's the yes. >> what will they say in the campaign? agree they're not going to do thinking. >> let's go back to pete williams. talking about what happened in the two hours and you had some -- i dare say bombs to throw down in terms of expectations. i understand we're tempering expectations with the understanding what happens in oral arguments may not have any bearing on that ultimate decision. let's talk a little bit how the justices reacting and when you mentioned that the health care -- that everybody -- there was agreement about the health care market and everybody agreed when you go and purch
are out as republican presidential front runner mitt romney comes to the bay area tonight. in redwood city his fund- raising event is about to get under way >> we're just a half-hour away from that dinner that is supposed to start here. no sign of mitt romney but what is very clear is two dozen protesters, most of them in support of legislation romney says he would veto it if he becomes president. the other from the california labor federation who says romney is out of touch with mainstream america. that might be difficult image to change after romney makes a mad dash for the candidacy hurt. >> government romney and rick santorum are here for one reason, money. the more they stay in the race the more mitt romney needs to spend money and the more he spends money the more he needs to raise >> obviously we have audio problems with our report for redwood city but we will get an update from her at 6:00. the fund-raiser is 30 minutes from now. later this week the first lady will be making a stop to raise money for the president's reelection campaign. she lands in san francisco on friday. $1,000
you here. chip, mitt romney, his opponents trying to use the supreme court case to capitalize on what might be their last chance to link the president's and romney's health care plans. mitt romney way ahead in delegates in the polls, is this really going to have an impact? >> i think it can have somewhat of an impact, but i think romney's done a good job talking about the failures of obamacare, the extra spending, what it would do to small businesses and states. i think he's gotten out in front of this. i think it's been obvious from the beginning whether service senator santorum or speaker gingrich or rick perry when they were in the race and herman cain, they were going to attack romney on his health care plan.e well talking about the ills of obamacare. >> a "new york times" poll shows 51% disapprove, nearly four in ten want the entire law overturned. the supreme court says they'll rule this summer. no matter how this law turns out, isn't this a political problem for the white house in an election year? >> first of all, if it gets overturned, republicans will wish they hadn't tried
's no question that the health care law mitt romney passed as governor of massachusetts is the same one that president obama passed at the federal level. four years ago mitt romney even called the law he signed in massachusetts a model for the rest of the country. he wrote an op-ed in "usa today" in july 2009 while the health care debate was raging, calling on the president to follow the example he set with his law in massachusetts, and then thehe p plan said he was basing it on mitt romney's idea in massachusetts. now that the mandate sun popular with conservatives, romney is trying to disown what he did massachusetts. well, mitt can run, but he can't hide. no matter what he tries to say now, mitt romney is a walking, talking amicus brief in favor of the president's health care law. if he tries to make it an issue in a debate with president obama, it's just going to confirm that he's the etch-a-sketch candidate. he should just admit it was planned all along f.mitt romney is the nominee, in effect health care will be off issue, and with that i am going to call on the chairman of our ju
. yesterday rick santorum talked outside of the supreme court. he took direct aim at front-runner mitt romney. >> there's one candidate who is uniquely disqualified to make the case. that's the reason i am here and he's not. >> let's bring in politico senior congressional reporter jonathan allen and huffington post senior political reporter amanda terkel. good to see both of you. jonathan, am i overstating it to say as political battles go, this one's pretty epic? >> this is an epic battle. most of the country was engaged in the original fight. the argument between santorum and romney over whether or not romney's massachusetts law disqualifies him is a pretty epic fight. and, of course, if romney is the nominee, and i think we all expect him to at this point, the fight over whether or not he can draw a distinction with president obama on this very animating issue is also epic. >> you could make the argument, amanda, that this is maybe one of the stronger arguments that rick santorum has, well behind in delegates, but this is well timed for him to say, look, mitt romney started the massachuset
. >>> mitt romney is in the bay area right now. the importance of the california gop now. good evening. it's monday march 26. this is bay area news at 7:00. republican front runner mitt romney brings his campaign to the bay area. it's our top story at 7:00. we're live in redwood city. romney is laying ground work ahead of california's primary in june. >> reporter: it's ability getting votes but about -- it's about getting votes but also about getting cash. here at this hotel, it's $1000 a plate reception. front runner, mitt romney arrived to clears from a waiting crowd. >> we don't want to have the 1% come in and take from our county to use it against us. >> reporter: people outside held signs against romney. people inside signed checks to him. >> there are a lot of billionaires that will max out contributions. >> reporter: he's likely to fair better here than other republicans and conservative republicans he visited earlier today. tickets to the redwood city event start at $1000 and go up to 25,000. >> he's here to raise money. he obviously doesn't expect to win california in the general
are gathering for another rally. >>> to election 2012. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is making a bay area visit right now. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live with the two things he is focusing on during the visit. >> reporter: protesters gathered out here outside hotel sofitel san francisco bay an hour ago. you can see they are chanting, singing and beating a drum, mocking a $1,000 a plate fundraiser for mitt romney's campaign. the dinner isn't just about dinner. >> reporter: this is as close as most people will get to mitt romney. the reception cost $1,000 a person and $5,000 per couple to take a picture with him. here is a look that invite. money is the main objective. but this it is not just a goal, it is 172 delegates that will make the difference. >> california probably donates 25% of the money for a national campaign but this time it is stretched out and it is likely the june 5 primary will put mitt romney over the top. >> reporter: the event isn't open to the public. mitt romney told an audience in san diego, regulations by the obama administration are crushing dreams. >> we
with russian president medvedev and reaction from the republican presidential field. mitt romney saw the "hunger games" movie. >> pg 13. is it a little too violent for young kids? >> i think it's a little disturbing for young kids. >> a little taste four. we'll have romney's full review later. first let's get to the news. here at 30 rock in new york city this morning the supreme court is set to take up the central issue in the fight over president obama's health care law. whether or not congress overstepped its authority under the constitution by requiring americans to buy medical insurance or to face a penalty if they do not. two hours will be devoted to today's arguments and as nbc pete williams errors for us the justices appear ready to decide the issue this summer, yes right in the heat of the presidential election. >> reporter: outside the court passionate demonstrations, mostly supporting the law. >> i'm only giving out tickets for today's argument only. >> reporter: court officials allowed 120 people in line some since friday. >> 24. 25. >> reporter: rick santorum even showed
a press conference to clarify things but mitt romney accuses him of telling the russians one thing and the american people another. >>> and broadway tebow, tim tebow, i might be the only person excited he's coming. everybody else is like oh, the jets. >> they need a third quarterback. >> he's been introduced as a new york jet in the biggest news ever for a backup in the history of forever. he had a magic word that he said literally a zillion times. tuesday, march 27th and "starting point" begins right now. ♪ >> whose song is that? >> i think that's yours. >> my song would be pink. that is not pink. >> it's autotune, that's all that matters. >> it's popular music, i wouldn't know. >> you stick in the mud. we have no idea who that is but we support them anyway. i'm feeling very kumbaya this morning. john fugelsang, political comedian and will cain is back, a columnist at theblaze.com and kelly goth, contributing editor for loop21.com and wrote a great moment. >> "the gq candidate." my goodness you just made my publisher a happy camper. if you like political novels it's a fun one. >
much for that mitt romney put in his health care bill in massachusetts that the her talk foundation they love id it. about 99% of congress are millionaires or mull millionaires. why you mentioned a good word, means test. i've been asking this question for years. why is social security medicare why is none of this stuff mean tested and you hear these republicans republicans, why are we paying their health care? >> we're going to leave it stand right there. here's a tweet from treedom dude. next comes from robert in las vegas on our republican line. >> caller: my statement is part of the -- part of the major problem with the nonpayers is at least here in las vegas is the illegal aliens. it's about 95% of the people that don't pay here in our hospitals are illegal aliens. i imagine it's probably that way across the country. so even if this was to go through, it's not going to solve that problem. this bill does not cover everybody that doesn't have insurance, it only covers about 2/3 of them. between the illegal alien issue and not covering everybody, i think it's
the heart. you can picture mitt romney, the rombot watching going that seems like human emotion rombot cannot emulate that. >> rombottom knows the motion. it is what he feels when he fires someone. blood is rushing to certain parts of my body. so confusing. what is this? a smile? ♪ i'm in. i'm getting to fire someone ♪ >> stephanie: when we did santa fe and detroit sexy liberal, that was several shows ago. republican primary. how are you enjoying the present state? >> i've been live tweeting the debates. i had to go down from every debate to every third debate because i had run out of keebler elf jokes for ron paul. but -- >> stephanie: is he still in it? why aren't there no reporters? >> who wants double fudge? [ laughter ] >> pecan sandies. >> they're delicious. those elves, they know what they're doing. >> well, they work for the private sector. >> those aren't socialist cookies. >> btw they don't have healthcare. if you're an elf and you get hurt, you're screwed. >> hope it heals itself. >> st
wedeman, thanks so much. >>> sarah palin said she could see russia from her house. now mitt romney, what he is saying about that country. >>> 50 bucks a pop can get you a lot these days. now, it can get you a picture with newt gingrich. >>> first, who was the last republican president to run for re-election as a third party candidate? [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and you...rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. >>> before the break, i asked who was the last republican president to run again as a third party candidate? teddy roosevelt. he was president from 1904 to 1908 and lost as the progressive party candidate in the 1912 candidate to woodrow wilson. congrats to greg in atlanta tweeting me the right answer. >>> an open mind can be the president's worst enemy. >>
relations with russia is very, very troubling. >> romney is accusing the president of pulling his punches with the american people. the white house says romney is distorting the president's words. >>> minding your business now, u.s. stock futures trading pretty flat up slightly ahead of the opening bell, riding yesterday's rally off positive but cautious comments from federal reserve chief brn brn about the economy. the markets rallied strong in the s&p 500, a better indicator for their stocks and 401(k) is at a four-year high right now, back to pre-recession levels. >>> so listen to this, eat chocolate to be skinny. a new study of more than 1,000 healthy men and women found that people who ate chocolate five times a week had a lower body mass index than those who did not eat it regularly. everyone exercised three times a week and ate a balanced nutritious diet. the body mass index say measure of body fat based on height and weight. >> go back to the line, everybody worked out and ate a nutritious diet, yeah. >> chocolate makes you skinny. >> uh-huh, okay. thanks, z, appreciate it. >> you
the louisiana primary but after he got testy were "new york times" reporter. >> you said mitt romney was the worst republic in the country. >> what speech were you listening to. >> you said he was the worst republic. >> stop lying. i said he was the worst republic to run on the issue of obama care. i have been staying it in every speech. quit distorting our words. if i see it, it's bull [bleep]. come on, man. what are you doing? >> joining us now from washington to react the always dapper brit hume. now, it looked to me, i know santorum for a long time and so do you. it looked to me like santorum has had enough of not only the "new york times" guy but of the liberal media in general bear baiting him. come on. santorum is correct. he had contextualized the comment around romney care in massachusetts. >> not exactly, bill. >> bill: okay, you governmental what happened is he was talking in broad terms about obama care and relationship to romney care then he uttered a sentence in which he said without mentioning obama care or romney care that romney would be the worst candidate to put up
to the obama administration if mitt romney is the nominee here. what kind of blow does it provide to what david plouffe referred to as the godfather of the health care law we're at. we're waiting on new sound from rick santorum who was there in washington in front of the supreme court, taking rightfully advantage of this opening with this health care debate and where mitt romney has stood when he was governor of massachusetts, and now he's obviously offering up something else. now that he's running for president. >> if the law is upheld, it does leave the political issue of obamacare on the table. you can have republicans run against it saying we'll repeal it. that's clearly what rick santorum is doing, saying as he more logical vehicle for repealing obamacare than is mitt romney who proposed something similar in massachusetts. we should say that legally there are two very different questions about whether a state can impose a scheme like this on its citizens and whether the country as a whole can have a scheme like this under the u.s. constitution. so the supreme court will be ruling only on t
'll have your full seven-day forecast coming up in minutes. >>> one night only mitt romney in the bay area, it's not all handshakes and high fives for the presidential hopeful. >>> it's the talk no parent wants to have, how the death of trayvon martin is inspiring a different kind of conversation between penants and children in the bay area. >>> it's radical but it works. what doctors say is more effective than diet and exercise when it comes to controlling diabetes. >> i got it, it is on. the cca rnlifoisia fenherm ogughffome california fishermen offguard.d. >>> community activists in oakland stand united with other groups across the country today calling for justice in the deadly shooting of trayvon martin. his shooting continues to impact the lack of concern of charges or arrest in the case. >> reporter: it's a conversation that african-american mothers, grandmothers and fathers are having with their sons. what you wear could put you in a compromising situation. >> god bless this family member -- >> reporter: the rally began with a prayer. a prayer dominiqua says she can relate to. >> i
family says that has nothing to do with the shooting. >> republican front runner mitt romney has another day of fund- raising in california today. it is a fund-raising trip that began in san diego yesterday. romney had a fund-raising dinner in redwood city last night. tickets range from 1000-$2,500. a hopeful hopefully did not see a few dozen protesters outside. romney supporters are calling on newt gingrich and rick santorum to drop out of the race and support romney as the nominee. mitt romney does not win the nomination it will be wide open. >> emotions are running high on both sides of the political fence ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> talked-about smash and grab, this was all caught on camera at a jewelry store. thieves used a stolen s-u-v to smash through the front before grabbing as much as they could and then taking off. then managed to escape police in a car and on foot. the store's owner says the most expensive jewelry was not taken because it was in the vaults >> stocks have one of the biggest rallies of the year after ben bernanke suggested that interest rates will remain low for a long t
mitt romney is in redwood city right now and ktvu's lorraine blanco joins us live with the support and protests that were waiting for him. >> reporter: the hotel placed barricades because they anticipated the protesters but as you can see, the protesters right now are blocking the entrance into hotel sofitel here, they are not letting any cars threw. police are taking a passive approach, they are not trying to move them, they are telling drivers to turn around and go to another entrance. he is here to raise money and also to secure california's important delegates. >> reporter: an hour before mitt romney's fundraiser, protesters chant outside hotel sofitel. mocking the pricy event and the guest of honor. >> if he has enough money he can buy the votes. >> reporter: ozzieost -- occupy redwood city, raging grannies and alliance of californians for community empowerment won't break character. >> corruption is the american way these days. >> reporter: this will help keep mitt romney's cash flowing. he stressed the need. >> i come to you before the california primary -- [ laughter ] >>
with american people. >> reporter: democrats hammered romney leading to a romney clarification of his own today. >> russia after all has done it's best crippling sanctions against iran which goes to syria. it insists the u.n. resolution to removal of assad has adversaries around the world. >> even dmitry medvedev jumped in saying romney should look at his watch and realize we are in 2012 and not the cold war. >> jon kyl charged that concessions to russia could damage u.s. efforts to deal with long-range missiles from north korea and iran. white house aide pushed back and administration is moving forward on missile defense and will protect american security. >> shannon: thank you ed. we're learning more about the trayvon martin case, unarmed black teenager that was shot by a watch captain in florida. additional details are seeping out of the night of shooting. phil keating has the story. >> you saw everything i've seen. the world saw the week or so here. it's very overwhelming. >> reporter: accounting police chief expressing expiration over the shooting. trayvon martin was died allegedly killed
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